We call him Junior

Our neighbor told us about this cute little guy that she watched growing up. Unfortunately, our neighbor just moved, but Junior is one smart little guy, he moved over….to our home!! He found our bird feeder and has made himself to home.



Little Blue

Lookie who we found in our backyard?? Is he just not the cutest little thing? Steve saw him last night in a tree and then…..this morning….. I saw something sticking out from under the hastas….a little blue and white butt! I guess he thought since he couldn’t see us, we couldn’t see him.
Well…… I didn’t see him until the ring leader of the insane clown posse (Zuzu) was already outside. As soon as she was done doing her business, I quietly ushered her inside and immediately ran to get Steve. I was so happy that when he showed up, little blue was able to fly up into a tree….he can only go so far, for so long, but after our photo session (he actually had jumped on to steve’s finger…awww) we then watched him fly higher and higher up into our trees. This was beyond cute!