There are so many wonderful places to visit in Kingston.


Lucas Pet Supply

We have gotten our pet supplies from this establishment for several years. We’ve always found them very helpful and especially like all the treats they have that are manufactured in the USA. As all dog lovers know, there have been a lot of issues with snacks manufactured in China; so it’s wonderful to come to the store and know they care as much for your dogs as you do.

Paws Unlimited

This is the privately owned shelter where we adopted our adorable Zuzu. We’ve always adopted rescues and we’ve never seen a cleaner shelter. The care and love that Shari shows for each of her rescues is absolutely heart warming.  Shelters can be such a stressful experience, but you don’t feel that there. She even has classical music playing, just for them…how awesome is that!!

Bark Ave Pet Grooming

They are located on 796 Ulster Ave. in Kingston. Denise is just amazing!!! I’ve sent several clients over to meet her and they’ve all been delighted!! 845-340-1551

Uptown Coffee

It’s a treasure in Historic Uptown Kingston at 288 Wall St. Stop by for a delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino, paninis, salads, paleo biscuits, homemade treats, great conversation and beautiful local art.

The Hoffman House

You need to experience the Hoffman House, you’ll be walking into a piece of historty. Be sure and read all about the Hoffman House on the back of their menu. The owners Pat and Ginny are just THE BEST and the food is DE-LI-CIOUS!!!

Vintage Clothing Out of the Past and Antiques

If you’re like me and love vintage clothing, this is the place to go. Henrietta is awesome and she’s always getting more clothes to look through. I’ve gotten several wonderful pieces and the prices can’t be beat!!!

Bop to Tottom

A gem of a store in uptown Kingston!! You need a special gift for someone in your life? You won’t believe the prices!! You’ll find yourself asking them…is this all it costs?? Check it out!!

Dominick’s Cafe

Love Love Love this place! When I’m on the run and don’t have time to grab lunch, this is one of my go to places. If you’re like me and love homemade food, this place is for you. My favorite is their Kale salad and I had a breaded chicken cutlet, which they warm up for me…YUMMY!!! And they have the best turkey burger I’ve ever had.


Are you looking for something unique with flowers. This gem of a store is for you!!! It’s located in beautiful uptown Kingston. I can get lost walking around and seeing all the beautiful flowers they have. I highly recommend them.

Signature Fitness

I work with some very large and strong dogs, so I have to stay in tip top shape to be able to keep a pup next to me, especialluy when they are interested in a squirrel. I also need to carry dogs up and down stairs, as they get older. So I started working out at Signature Fitness with a personal trainer (Michelle D) and it was the best decision I made. So even if you don’t have a job like mine, I highly recommend going. Not only do I have the strength needed, I also have much better balance and don’t land on my butt if I slip on the ice. LOL!










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