We call her Chubbers

We’ve had this awesome squirrel visiting us for longer than I can remember. We named her chubbers, because that is what she was for a period of time when she was pregnant. She had the biggest butt and it was just a riot. We can’t wait for her to have babies again. She brings us so much joy and we keep her well supplied with peanuts…she hears us shake the container and comes running. We actually have quite the menagerie now. We’ve had as many as 6 squirrels, 2 chipmunks, a couple of bunnies, blue jays, cardinals, titmouse and sparrows….all at the same time. We supply them with sunflower seeds and an assortment of other seeds so everyone has their fav! We call it our entertainment!! 🙂

About Luckipups

Once I was out on my own, I got my first dog and have always had one or more sharing their life with me. There is nothing like the bond you develop with them...
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